Jaguars state opinions on student section

by Nathanael Haskell & Brayden Laslo

Staff Writers

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

Bradley student section throwing baby powder in the air as their team kicks off.
Bradley student section throw baby powder in the air as their team kicks off.

As fall sports hit peak season many people have harbored a mix of feelings towards our very own student section. Some see it positive and exciting for our teams, while others see it as a social gathering that doesn’t support our teams. By the end of this article the differing opinions will be explained by staff and students alike.

Some people have very positive opinions like Mr Vandyne, as he thinks “it's always nice from an athletes standpoint when you’re out there and your friends and your families and everyones out there cheering and supporting and watching you play out there.” Some students also have positive opinions like Nina Vigianno (12) who in her opinion “it's a lot of fun” and is “more work than it seems”.

Not all of this is positive though as some Abby Meister (11) “it’s good that people want to go and support the teams like in our school and like show school spirit but we don't always do that in a great way.” and that sometimes “at the football games not everyone’s alway paying attention or cheering”. This dismay is shared with many other students. This discourse shown has a giant role to play as people want our student section to be a great place to be.

Some student section leaders have also spoken on the issues taken like Kieran Vallo (12) the head of the student section. His message to students is to “Give it some time, I’d say it's not really the people because, we have the people, the people that want to come it's just we don't really know what to do.” He encourages waiting as it may seem less than expected but it's a learning process and the leaders just need time to learn.

Throughout all of this one thing remains certain: the pride for Bradley is high and no matter what side you are on we all care about the passion we show for our Jags. We all have an opinion but we should all trust the process. Our administration has stated that numbers are great, but we should get more people to go to our games. That being said this is the first season in two years where anyone can go and everyone can see their friends so there is bound to be a high social aspect to the games.

We should all bear with the Leaders as well because they haven’t had a true season to practice or get comfortable with the responsibility that comes along with it. As easy as it is to see all the wrong, we should bear with them and give them a chance to end the season on a positive note.