Are students planning on moving out of state

Updated: May 13

by Josie Harshfield

Video Story Editor

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

New York looks like an appealing option for Ohio transplants. Photo by Josie Harshfield)
New York looks like an appealing option for Ohio transplants. Photo by Josie Harshfield)

After living in one place your whole life, people tend to want to migrate elsewhere. In a plain state such as Ohio, most of the population wants to leave at some point in time. Students at Bradley share their input on leaving the state of Ohio for college.

Many Bradley seniors are taking college as an opportunity to move out of state, I asked students at Bradley if they planned of moving out of Ohio and why, Gracelyn Peebles (12), said “yes, I want to try living somewhere else and I lowkey hate too much of the same” Gracelyn brings up good points, she mentions how it can be exhausting staying in one place your whole life. Amanda Robison (12), mentions, “yes. It’s boring here and I want a prettier atmosphere.” Ohio's weather definitely never remains stable. Some days it can be 40° and the next it will be 80°. Most students have the idea set in their heads that they want to move out of state to get a different view of the world and experience a new atmosphere.

As I approach the end of my senior year going out of state sounded like a dream. However, I was overwhelmed with the idea of leaving behind my friends and family. While finding a new atmosphere and meeting new people sounds exciting, I feel as if being closer to family and friends keeps me content. Eventually I do want to leave the state so I can discover who I am and who I can be outside of Ohio.

Ohio seems to be a state where not much goes on, and many people think about leaving at some point in time. Living in one place for so long makes you wonder what's outside of the space you are comfortable with.

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