Netflix has The Umbrella Academy fans on the edge of their seats with release dates

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

by Grace Savage

Staff writer

!Spoiler Alert!

Umbrella Academy fans are waiting in patiently for season three. Photo by Grace Savage.
Umbrella Academy fans are waiting in patiently for season three. Photo by Grace Savage.

The Umbrella Academy, one of Netflix’s successful tv shows, has finally announced the release dates of its third season. The creator of the show, Steve Blackman, revealed that all 10 episodes of the new season would be open for viewing on June 22, 2022. Netflix had already uploaded a 14-second teaser in August of 2021, but no news of a final date.

This news has fans impatiently waiting, and several Bradley students are brainstorming possible outcomes for the new season. Netflix left off on a surprising spot, where Ben Hargreeves (number 6, originally deceased) comes back in an alternate universe the family showed up in.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen, however, that won’t stop Z Galore (10) from predicting, “Five kills someone probably.” This isn’t a bad guess, since Five Hargreeves (number 5) is known for his violent behavior throughout the show. It’s a given that someone dies in this next season, as it wouldn’t be the show it is without a death or two.

Although this news is exciting, many viewers are wondering if this is the last season of their beloved series. If so, Sara Hetrick (9) makes the assumption, “Everyone dies at the end of the season.” This would be terrible for the fans, however, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to end the show. It has been done before, however, it would leave fans angry and confused.

Many Umbrella Academy fans are excited about this new release, and their fingers are crossed hoping for a successful third season. If this time around is anything like the first two, there's a good chance Netflix will knock it out of the park.