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Bradley theater’s production of Treasure Island amazes, excites

by Kate Hedrick

Arts, Style, & Beauty editor

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

Hilliard Bradley theatre’s latest production, Treasure Island, debuts on Friday, December 2nd at 7 PM. Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel is a timeless tale of adventure on the high seas, and the stage adaptation only heightens the experience. Epic battles and iconic characters come alive on stage in a show that is sure to entertain.

Treasure Island is chock full of larger than life characters. Chief among them is Long John Silver, the sea cook turned pirate who serves as equal parts mentor and villain to protagonist Jim Hawkins. He is a character of gray morals and complex motives- no small feat to embody on the stage. For Micah Gallebo, (11) the actor playing Silver, it’s been an equally rewarding and challenging experience. Micah says that he’s enjoyed being “able to do a lot of fun character choices like the voice, or the walk. It’s hard to live up to a role that so many people know, but I think it’s been really fun.” Every actor has put incredible amounts of time and effort into perfecting their characters, and these efforts shine through in their performances.

The pirate ship, standing front and center, is Treasure Island’s most impressive set piece. Photo by Emma Hampton (12).
The pirate ship, standing front and center, is Treasure Island’s most impressive set piece. Photo by Emma Hampton (12).

It’s not just the acting that makes Treasure Island a must-see. The show’s tech crew has constructed an entire ship that is large and stable enough to play host to several battle scenes. Featuring two staircases on either side, a working door, and a steering wheel, it is clear that much care went into its construction.

The set isn’t the only impressive thing, however. The tech crew has been working hard to make the show as impressive as it is, employing dynamic lighting and sound design that brings the whole show together. Assistant Tech Director Emma Hampton says that (12) “my favorite part is all the departments (lighting, sound, backstage) slowly working together to complete the full show.” If you have time on the 2nd or the 3rd at 7 PM, or the 4th at 2 PM, come see Treasure Island and watch the story unfold.

Tickets are available at this link:


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