Bradley student services team shares resources for students accessible during eLearning

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

by Avah Fetzer, Entertainment Editor

Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is very important, especially during hard times like this. May is known as Mental health awareness month and the Jag Times want to inform you about the resources that are still available to students. 

Quarantine has been really hard on a lot of people, as school psychologist Mrs. Fatzinger says, “we’re faced with disruptions to our daily routines and uncertainty about the future, which can cause us to experience a wide range of emotions”. The Bradley student services team has been working to put together a list of resources for students who might be struggling during this time. Some of these include scheduling phone calls and zoom meetings, along with additional resources that can be found in your class’s canvas page. These are something anyone should take advantage of, and we even encourage you to take advantage of it.

Taylor Fehr (9) advocates for students taking advantage of resources like these. She says, “every individual has a voice and should use it for good”. She believes that people should be able to use their voice to speak up for themselves when they are struggling. She also stressed the importance of talking to others during these times to prevent you from “your thoughts consuming you”. 

Reaching out for help does not come easy for most people. HOPE squad member, Piper Brill (9) says, “I know what it feels like to feel trapped and alone, and how hard (and scary) it is to reach out”. Brill runs a mental health website where she shares her story and encourages others to share their story too. She believes people should reach out because “everyone has a purpose” and “no one deserves to be upset.”

Reaching out for help and speaking up for yourself is super important, especially right now and it even has its benefits. Another HOPE squad member, Jessica Cline (9) talks about how it’s important you reach out electronically since it's the only place where people can go to ask for help during the quarantine. She says “It’s important they do that so they don’t lose hope and motivation to get through this hard time”. Losing hope and motivation can be really difficult, but Cline also said, “If they have lost it, we can help them look at true positives and help them realize that this is just another bump in the road”.

Some additional resources were mentioned by Mrs. Fatzinger. She said, “All of us are available for phone calls and video conferencing if a student needs us”. By “us”, she means the student services team which includes the school counselors and herself. Not only is the school working to help, but outside resources are also working to help as many people as possible. Fatzinger says, “Many outside counseling agencies that work with the school are offering telehealth services that include counseling sessions held via video conference.” She then continues on about how the Bradley student services team is still continuing to help connect students to these services if they need them. 

People understand that many people are having a rough time and are not at their best right now. Teachers have been doing their best to make accommodations for students because of all of this. The Jaguar times and many other staff and students want to let you know that you are not alone in whatever you are struggling with. We encourage you to reach out for help because no one deserves to go through something alone and It’s not something to be ashamed of. Reach out!


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