The new album “Harry’s House” is set to affect the entire music industry in 2022

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

Lauren Dame

Arts, Style, and Beauty Editor

Harry Styles performing in Washington DC in 2021 for “Love on Tour.” Photo by Lauren Dame.
Harry Styles performing in Washington DC in 2021 for “Love on Tour.” Photo by Lauren Dame.

After almost three years since his last album, Harry Styles is releasing his Junior album, “Harry’s House.” It comes out Friday May 20th, and it is predicted that many students at Bradley will be staying up late to wait for the album to release. But will the album live up to its expectations after the great admiration that the previous album received from fans around the world?

The ex-boyband mega sensation pop singer has a pattern of being unpredictable when it comes to releasing new music- you never know what you’re in for. This was seen with the recent single, “As It Was.” Especially with the extraordinary music video that came along with the song… there really is no way of telling how a future song is going to sound or look.

Everyone has their own idea of what they think this new Harry Styles era will be like. Junior Grace Ahrens is a big fan of Harry Styles, and she has some predictions. When it comes to how this new album will compare to previous albums, Ahrens says, “I think that Fine Line and his new album were written at very different points in Harry’s life. I’m definitely expecting the albums to sound very different, but I think people will understand and the new album will hit the charts within a few hours regardless.” One thing to always consider is that there are millions of die-hard Harry Styles fans. And let’s be honest… he could release the worst-sounding album of the year and still get support from across the world.

What would Harry Styles be without his style? One thing that Harry Styles fans will never be disappointed with is his outfits. Whether it’s a paparazzi photo, a music video outfit, or a concert costume, Styles always goes all out. Junior Carly Love also considers themself to be a big fan of Harry Styles. When it comes to new beginnings for Styles, Love says that “his outfits are always [their ]favorite part”. It’s hard not to be a fan of somebody with great outfits, great music, and great charisma.

The big question is what direction (haha get it?) will Styles take this album musically? Will it be an 80’s vibe or a modern-day pop sound? Love says, “I think it’ll be more 80’s pop type music, but i’m hoping the songs are also a little alternative rock because his voice fits that genre.” If there’s one thing that you can expect from the album, it is a bunch of different sounding songs. Ahrens follows with her ideas, “I think the new album will definitely start in that pop category but may have a few songs that push into the alternative or indie genre.” With all of the different ideas, the anticipation for the album builds even more.

As the new era for Harry Styles begins, we can expect excitement, tears, and people spending all of their money on merchandise and concert tickets. The artist has more fans than most artists, and has worked hard to get here. If there’s one thing that will happen, more people will be brought in by the new music. Tune in on May 20th for “Harry’s House”!