The Jaguar Times weighs in on new local business Hilliard City Nutrition

Updated: Jan 6

by Avah Fetzer, entertainment editor

& Alana Bridges, broadcast media editor

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

The “lemon head” and “captain America” energy teas are awaiting their taste test. Photo by Alana Bridges (10).
The “lemon head” and “captain America” energy teas are awaiting their taste test. Photo by Alana Bridges (10).

Hilliard is packed with different small businesses everywhere, from locally-owned shops to family owned diners. Hilliard City Nutrition is the newest addition to the list of local places to visit. They sell energy teas, shakes, and even protein coffees to every person that walks through their doors greeting them with a smile. The Jaguar Times wants to share our first experience visiting Hilliard City Nutrition.

Gabby Morgan is the owner of the new smoothie bar, which opened November 20th, 2020. Besides being a business owner, she is also a health and fitness advocate who loves to share tips and help coach people into a healthier lifestyle. Opening the new shop was a great step for her as she is only 23. Gabby Morgan told the Jag Times that the struggles of COVID-19 “kind of set her back but staying business oriented and motivated” helped with the grand opening. Like many, Morgan chose Hilliard for the “opportunity” and “potential” within the community.

Hilliard City Nutrition is located off Cemetery road, they sell shakes that are meant to keep you full for longer and energy teas to help kickstart or keep you going throughout the day. When visiting, The Jag Times was greeted with a friendly smile and warm welcome by the owner. We were able to take pictures in front of a decorative wall and ask as many questions about the items on the menu as possible. Morgan suggests you “choose your favorite ice cream flavor” when deciding what shake to try on your first visit because “It’s probably going to taste like that.” When choosing your shake and tea combo, you have the option to choose between a regular size or a mega size. When deciding on a tea flavor, you have plenty of options that are fruit flavored mixtures and full of energy.

Avah Fetzer, Entertainment editor and staff writer got a regular-sized “buckeye” shake, along with a regular-sized “lemon head” tea. The “buckeye” shake was exactly what you would expect; A shake that tastes like chocolate and peanut butter, topped with chocolate drizzle. The “lemon head” tea tasted similar to a lemonade. The tea was a sweeter tea, so you can trick your mind into a healthier alternative to other sugary drinks.

Alana Bridges, Media and Broadcast editor tried a regular sized “Java chip” shake which had a coffee flavor with chocolate on top. Along with the shake she got a regular sized “Captain America” which was as tasty as it was cute. The tea was an ombre drink with blue raspberry on the bottom and strawberry on the top. It was the perfect amount of sweet with a great fruity taste.

Whether you are looking for a healthy alternative for a meal, an extra boost of energy, or some extra protein, Hilliard City Nutrition has something for everyone. It’s a great addition to local businesses and it’s something that’s definitely worth checking out!