The Jaguar Times reviews Short North restaurant Melt

by Avah Fetzer, Entertainment Editor

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

This image displays some of the decorations inside the Melt, including this large sign. Photo by Ava Spohn (10).
This image displays some of the decorations inside the Melt, including this large sign. Photo by Ava Spohn (10).

The Melt Bar and Grille is a restaurant with many locations all over Ohio and surrounding states that has a specialty of grilled cheese. This specialty isn’t just any regular grilled cheese; you can order this with almost everything you can imagine in it! The grilled cheeses include, but are not limited to: “the mighty macaroni”, chicken and waffles grilled cheese, “the park of Italy”, and of course just a regular grilled cheese sandwich.

The Jaguar times’ Entertainment Editor, Avah Fetzer, went to Melt to try it out. She found herself getting the “mighty macaroni”. The mighty macaroni is a very good grilled cheese with fried macaroni and cheese and American cheese, beneath two pieces of unique-tasting bread, topped with Parmesan cheese. All sandwiches can come with a side of your choice. Some of these sides include, fries, coleslaw, or macaroni and cheese.

Not only does the food taste good, but the location of the restaurant is also immaculate. The Melt is located in downtown Columbus and is surrounded by many other restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues. The unfortunate part about the Melt’s location is that because it’s right next to a lot of other businesses, it’s very tricky to find parking. When Mrs. Whitehouse went there, she claimed, “Parking for Short North isn't amazing, but we did find free parking eventually”. Mrs Whitehouse had a very positive experience at the Melt overall, but she did have one negative thing to say, which was her parking experience.

The inside of the restaurant is probably not what you’d imagine when going to The Melt for the first time. There is this huge mural right when you walk in, along with arcade games that you can play. The Melt in general has very rustic-looking and older decorations, similar to Red Robin. The inside of the restaurant is really great for pictures, as the mural is pretty unique.

The melt itself is a pretty unique restaurant and it’s one that not too many people know about if they aren’t in that area very often. Sophia Morvay (10) says, “It seems a bit odd, but it’s unique and that’s what the restaurant is known for!”. If there is one word to describe The Melt, it would definitely be unique. So, if you’re looking for a unique restaurant to try with your friends, consider The Melt Bar and Grilled. The Jag Times promises that you won’t regret it!