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Shocking Grammy news surprises students making predictions

by Lauren Dame

Arts, Style, and Beauty Editor

The Grammy Awards air this Sunday, April 3rd.
The Grammy Awards air this Sunday, April 3rd.

It’s award show season! On Sunday, April 3rd, the Grammy Awards are airing! With covid restrictions being less strict, the hype for the show is high this year, and Bradley students are sharing that hype! With categories like best album, best song, best new artist, and best new music video, it will be interesting to see who goes home with an award.

One controversial situation regarding the Grammy’s this year is the ban of Kanye West. Though he is nominated for five different categories this year, his “concerning online behavior” has resulted in him no longer being a part of the lineup. Unfortunately, there are many ways the show could go wrong if West is granted access- it is far too risky for him to be there.

With factors like West’s recent comments towards SNL star Pete Davidson and the Oscar event regarding Chris Rock and Will Smith just days ago, people online are saying things like “Grammys happening this weekend??? If they want to top the Oscars, they need to have Kanye front row and Pete Davidson hosting” (@kirawontmiss on Twitter). Are the Grammy Awards even about the talent this year? Or just the ongoing online drama?

A big argument in the United States right now is whether West should be allowed at the show. Ashley Hernandez (11) says that West not being allowed at the Grammy Awards is “for how he’s doing… it's best (that he isn’t there).” Perhaps the Grammy’s are doing Kanye West a favor…. Who knows what could happen and what could be said if he ends up in the wrong situation. Hernandez is a big fan of West, showing that even big fans understand that it’s not the best idea for him to attend.

One of the largest categories to win at the Grammy Awards is ‘best album.’ The majority of Bradley students seem to have a common assumption for what will win the ‘best album’ award. Ryli Hoang (12), Laura Hanks (12), and Elijah Qualls (11) all agree that ‘MONTERO’ by Lil Nas X should win. Qualls follows by saying, “so many certified bangers… enough said.” A popular opinion throughout the school, but popular enough to beat out the other nominees? We’ll see what the Recording Academy voting members think on Sunday.

Deep down, students know what will win in the ‘best album’ category. Laura Hanks, Janine Humeidan (11), Elena Adam (9), Sylvia Quistian (11), and Ava Spohn (11) all believe that Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘SOUR’ will win the best album category. Newer to the music industry, Rodrigo has completely blown up and her album, according to fans, is impressive and relatable. Elena Adam elaborates by saying, “Olivia has grown so much throughout the year, and her album is listened to a lot.” At the young age of nineteen, we’ll see if Rodrigo takes home a Grammy… or seven.

Can Olivia Rodrigo pull off winning multiple categories with just one album?

How will Kanye West handle being restricted from the Grammys? Make sure you’re checking social media! Also, tune into the Grammy Awards on Sunday, April 3rd at 8 to see your favorite nominated artist.


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