Last Legacy leaving a tremendous mark

by Lina Elmajdoubi

Staff Writer

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as a part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

Maddie Johnson (9) explains the best part of the Last Legacy. Photo by Lina Elmajdoubi (9).
Maddie Johnson (9) explains the best part of the Last Legacy. Photo by Lina Elmajdoubi (9).

The Last Legacy revolves around the young protagonist Bryn Roth who suffers from the pain of losing her parents in a scheme gone wrong. Her family ran a business far too dangerous for a young child so her great aunt Sariah struck a deal with her uncle. The deal states that if she was able to raise Bryn far away from everything in a place called Nimsmire that she could return on her 18th birthday. Bastion is a city of stories but not all of them had happy endings. Bryn was born to play a role but like many people who don’t admire being controlled by the fate they were born with. Will she be able to overcome her duty and follow her own path?

I feel that this is a great read for those who like real life scenarios mixed in with a fictional tale. This book deals with real issues surrounding family but it is very different from the truth or how we believe it matters to us. This is truly an inspiring and amazing book. The conspiracies and constant change in feeling towards characters keeps exciting. It really captures how far someone will go to gain something whether it hurts those they love or not. But I think it’s great and it will become a new book in my long list of favorite books.

If you are truly interested in stories that share a line between the truth and fantasy then this one is the one for you! Go read to find out if Bryn escaped the destiny that was laid out before her or she lost against Henrik and paid a price she couldn’t afford for her actions. Was Bryn able to gain her uncle’s trust if you are curious than hurry to find out!