Is the new Doctor Strange movie the best Marvel movie yet

by Callene Laslo,

Staff Writer

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

Cover of the new Doctor Strange Movie shows many exciting and new characters. Screenshot by Callene Laslo (9).
Cover of the new Doctor Strange Movie shows many exciting and new characters. Screenshot by Callene Laslo (9).


On May 5th, 2022, the new Doctor Strange movie came to theaters. This movie has been hyped up since the new Spider-Man movie came out in 2022. I think Spider-Man was the best Marvel movie released in a while, so Doctor Strange had big expectations from me. Being a pretty big marvel fan, I was excited to see what the creators of this series could do with this movie and what they could add.

Doctor Strange introduces many characters that the marvel fan base loves. Wanda from “WandaVision”, Wong, and even Mordo, his trainer, throughout Doctor Strange’s growth as a movie star. Involving these characters draws tons of attention not only to Marvel fans but for people who aren’t exactly familiar with marvel. Avery Russo (9) says, “I wish the movie was longer because I’m now left with a lot of questions.” I would agree with this: the average marvel movie is 2.5-3 hours long, but this one was only 2 hours and 6 minutes.

My expectations were high for this movie. Overall, I personally thought it was great! I wished to see more “good guys” and maybe more incorporation of the original avengers, but I was still pleased with the movie. Huge marvel fan, Katie Gerckens (9) says, “I loved it but I don’t really think Wanda is dead”. The new Spider-Man is still my favorite marvel movie thus far, but this movie was still really great. It definitely stood by the name Dr “Strange” because some of the scenes were weird, I would say.

Marvel fans were so excited for this movie, because people heard about Wanda being in it. Katey Kirk (9) says, “Wanda is my favorite character but I wasn’t expecting her to be used in that way”. I would have to agree with that because they made her the bad person in the movie. We all knew she was capable of doing bad stuff in the Multiverse.

Overall it was a great movie! I would recommend it to anyone. Even if you aren’t a huge marvel fan, this movie has romance, action, and friendship, Which is something everyone appreciates.