Bradley takes on Retro Bowl, loves new game!

The following story was written by a student on the staff of The Jaguar Times as part of Hilliard Bradley High School’s Journalism Production course.

Scott Caudill, Staff Writer

and Brayden Laslo, Sports Editor

Scott Caudill (12) is controlling his team in an intense game of retro bowl. (Photo by Brayden Lalso)
Scott Caudill (12) is controlling his team in an intense game of retro bowl. (Photo by Brayden Lalso)

Retro Bowl is a mobile game that was created in late January 2020 but has been spiking in popularity recently. It’s a football game where you take control of a team and lead them through a season. It’s gotten so big that it is the number one rated game in the apple store. It also has an average rating of 4.8 stars on both the apple and google store. With that being known, Bradley discusses the popularity of the game.

As the game is played more and more we asked students what they thought and if it was worth a try. Alex Batdorf is a freshman at Bradley and he says, “I do play retro bowl, I am in my second season as the Cincinnati bengals. I think the game is awesome and I strongly suggest you play it.” When asked to rate it with stars he says, “It’s a five star game.” The best rating for a game and the quality is amazing yet simple.

Another student asked to review Retro Bowl was sophomore Liam George. He says,“I play retro bowl, I am in my fifth season as head coach of the Houston Texans. 10/10 game would recommend.” In addition, he stated “the reason it’s so fun is because you have the ability to control your own team and I really like that aspect.” He seemed to be having a bunch of fun in the retro bowl. Finally to sum it up.

Retro bowl is a great game and is developing a community that is bringing others together. The community loves how people can just go up to someone playing the game and have a genuine conversation and create a good connection over the game. It does lack the aspect of competitive gameplay versus others and it would be nice to be able to play against friends and possibly add defensive gameplay. Give Retro bowl a try and see what you think.