Bradley students give insight on predicted fashion trends of 2021

by Avah Fetzer, Entertainment Editor

The Lady in this image is wearing an predicted trending accessory; a long necklace. Image from
The Lady in this image is wearing an predicted trending accessory; a long necklace. Image from

As we proceed more and more into 2021, fashion experts are anticipating many new (and some old) fashion trends. 2020 was filled with many trends that were very unexpected and some students wonder if 2021 will be the same. Jennie Craddock (10) says, “I am curious to see what the trends end up being because there were many trends in 2020 that I wasn’t expecting to come back, that came back anyways”.

Some of these predicted fashion trend categories for 2021 vary from accessories, to clothing articles, or even clothing colors and patterns, according to Kristen Nichols and

One of the trends that Nichols predicts is the use of the bubblegum pink color. She claims that with this color being used in the spring, it would make a “powerful statement” and it would look “chic when paired with neutrals such as grey and camel”. Ava Spohn (10) expands on Nichols’ prediction by saying, “I like bubble gum pink… I think it should make a comeback”. Many other students agree with Spohn on this idea.

Another trend that Nichols anticipates to happen in the fashion industry is the use of the checkerboard print. Nichols believes this will be trending is because “It’s a lot more exciting than stripes or polka dots”. When talking about the previously mentioned clothing patterns and colors Grace Meister expressed, “I hope both of those trends make an appearance in 2021”. The checkerboard print idea is a trend that Meister wouldn’t be mad about making a comeback, however Spohn disagrees with Meister.

The last trend that Nichols thought might be seen in 2021, was the comeback of long necklaces. Nichols claims that these are useful for her because she tends to cover her neck with clothing, and long necklaces are actually able to be seen when her neck is already covered, as opposed to short necklaces or chokers. This was an idea presented by Nichols that both Spohn and Meister disagree with. Spohn claims that she can’t see herself wearing a long necklace, however she claims, “I could see many teachers participating in this trend”.

There are many more controversial trends that Nichols predicted including, but not limited to; second skin tops, utility vests, tiny tie details, loose trousers, microscopic miniskirts, and knit polos. It is all up to you to decide if these ideas are worth making a trend out of, or saying goodbye to for good.